We have a capacity of 15 people, (2 double rooms, 1 dorms of 4 and 1 dorms of 6) and we offer people who wish to pray for the Mediterranean and Israel from our house of prayer in Gozo Malta, accommodation for a modest participation.

Overnight stay including breakfast : 15 € per person, Meals are 6,5 € per meal

Stay will be limited at 8 days. (Subject to exception)

People who use this accommodation undertake to participate in a daily prayer watch (1 hour average). They are free the take the rest of the day to visit and enjoy Malta and Gozzo.

However, we want all to be aware that this is accommodation are made for those who come to worship and intercede as explained on the page Beit Tehillah.

Because of our limited capacity, we invite you to register as early as possible for specific dates.

Pratical informations:

Bus X1 (1 € 50) at the airport toward Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal, or Taxi will cost around 25 euros.
For groups we can order a Bus Special to pick you up at the airport and take you to the HoP, and back.
Then ferry to Gozo (Free on the way to Gozo, 4,65 euros to go back to Malta)

We can also organise for you a private bus that takes you directly at the airport and takes you to the prayer house for 60 euros up to 9 people and 90 euros up to 18 people. Cost effective but above all faster and more reliable for early departures to the airport.


Call us or text (+356 79 22 48 56) or WhatsApp. Free Wifi on the ferry. We will pick you up at the Ferry terminal in Gozo.